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FORTEPAN is an online collection of [[1]] amateur photos, which are browsable and downloadable in good quality. With the slider in AUTO position, you can start a slide show from any year of the past century. In MANUAL position, you can use the arrows in the upper right corner or the arrows on your keyboard to navigate back and forth in the collection to see the images one by one. By clicking on the name of the original owner of the photograph, you may select that person’s collection. To read the background data (if there exists any), click on the letter I in the bottom right corner of the photo, or hit the I key. FORTEPAN continuously expands, and welcomes donations of private or amateur photos from the past. Pictures from the collection can be published without restrictions, for whatever purpose, on the condition that FORTEPAN and the donater is credited. For further information click Fortepan in the menu.


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